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I am Yemenite 8
Water Insecurity

Medium: Glass Mosaic 

Materials: Stained Glass, Handmade Jewelry, Metal, Beads & Ancient Pottery from Jerusalem

Dimensions: 18” H x 14” W


Water Insecurity

This mosaic was inspired by historical photos and descriptions of the hardships the Jews faced in securing fresh water in Yemen. In all of the photos I have seen, it is the women and girls who carry water across the desert and mountainous terrain. Water insecurity was a constant issue for much of the population, particularly for the poor and underserved in the Jewish community. Lack of access to fresh water was a significant factor in the poor health of the population. It, unfortunately, contributed to the 60% death rate of Jewish children who perished due to poor health. Today, water insecurity continues to be a huge health problem, responsible for horrible suffering and death around the world.

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