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I am Yemenite 7
Coffee and Hospitality

Medium: Glass Mosaic 

Materials: Stained Glass & Smalti.

Dimensions: 18” H x 14” W


Coffee and Hospitality

This mosaic was created to share the story of the culture of Yemenite coffee and hospitality. This cultural tradition was and is shared by Yemenites of all faiths.

The first coffee beans were grown in Ethiopia in the 15th century and spread to Yemen via trade routes where it was grown and cultivated. However, it was in Yemen that these beans were first made into a drink. By the 16th century, coffee was known in Persia, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey and the appearance of public coffee houses appeared in cities across the Near East. 

The popularity of the coffee houses was unequaled and men (women were not allowed) frequented them for all kinds of social activity. Coffee houses quickly became important centers for the exchange of information and were often referred to as “Schools of the Wise”.

Serving coffee in homes became a popular way to welcome guests. This tradition of serving coffee ushered in a tradition of heartily welcoming visitors into one’s home for lengthy conversations. This tradition of hospitality continues and is an important part of the Yemenite culture.

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