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I am Yemenite 5

Medium: Glass Mosaic 

Materials: Stained Glass, Handmade Gold, Smalti & Metal

Dimensions: 18” H x 14” W



While “I am Yemenite #5” was created to highlight expertly crafted Yemenite jewelry designs, I also designed this mosaic to spark conversations about how strict laws and regulations influence occupations and the roles that people have within society.

Beginning in the sixth century,  the Jews of Yemen were classified as second-class citizens and referred to as dhimmis. Belonging to the lowest caste within Yemenite society, Jews were subjected to continually changing and restrictive laws. These laws included the requirement that Jews work only as craftsmen and other jobs deemed undesirable for the majority Muslim population. Despite the tragedies from hundreds of years of harsh treatment, the Jews of Yemen have been remarkably resourceful in creating beauty amid dark circumstances.

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