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I am Yemenite 2
Long Journey

Medium: Glass Mosaic 

Materials: Stained Glass & Beads

Dimensions: 18” H x 14” W


Long Journey

“I am Yemenite 2” was inspired by several historical photos of the Jews emigrating from Yemen to Jerusalem in “On the Wings of Eagles” AKA “Project Magic Carpet” which took place from 1949-1950. This piece focuses on this man’s eyes, revealing years of hardship, loss, and strength. His worn expression and walking stick reflect images of the thousands who traveled the long and harsh journey from over 1,000 villages, towns and cities throughout Yemen, mainly on foot to the extraction point in Aden, Yemen. 


Clothing is an important element in all cultures. This man’s small turban, mandated for Jewish men, signifies his inferior but protected status in society (Dhimmi).

He wears a traditional long shirt with a slit at the front which is embellished with a culturally significant embroidery pattern. Traditional men wore prayer shawls. This mosaic represents the many devout Jews who left nearly everything behind in Yemen, but for their faith, to emigrate to Jerusalem. 

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