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I am Yemenite 1
Proud Heritage

Medium: Glass Mosaic 

Materials: Stained Glass, Handmade Jewelry, Metal, and Beads.

Dimensions: 18” H x 14” W

This mosaic won third place in the handmade category in the 2021 Canvas Pontiac Competition


Proud Heritage

Inspired by historical photographs, this portrait of a Jewish woman from the region of Haban in Eastern Yemen highlights aspects of the only known group of Jewish Yemenite warriors. Her eyes reveal years of hardship, strength, resilience, and faith. Much about her culture and religion are revealed through the unique jewelry, hairstyle, and clothing from Haban.

The unique and highly skilled Yemenite jewelry designs seen here are specific to the region and reflect not only devout religious beliefs but also the influence of ideas such as magic and evil spirits. Incorporated into her necklace are engraved blessings and small hollow chambers into which prayers are placed.  Also unique for this area is the large amount of dangling jewelry worn by women and girls. While Yemenite jewelry is typically made of silver, incorporating coral and the beaded choker is specific to Haban. The printed design and style of her dress are also specific to the region, reflecting not only access to certain fabrics and dyes but also fewer restrictions placed upon the style and color of clothing due to both local traditions and regional laws.

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